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Helicopter pilot

Ralf is currently flying HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) with a Eurocopter EC 135 P2 helicopter as a commander, based in Oulu, northern Finland. The base, called FinnHems 50, is situated next to OYS, the Oulu University Hospital. His employer is Scandinavian Medicopter, a subsidiary for Scandinavian Air Ambulance, which operates helicopters and aeroplanes on 12 bases in Sweden and Finland...

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Cross Country Rallies

The goal is to race in the legendary Dakar rally in 2015, to race in the Cross Country World Championship and promoting the great sport of Cross Country Rallying and to share the experience. Cross Country Rally or Rally Raid is a discipline where competitors race with specially prepared motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks through hostile desert and other environments, navigating by themselves from start to finish...

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Human factors & System Safety

As a professional aviator Ralf is involved in human factors and safety matters routinely. Being as a pilot he has to consider resources and manage them appropriately to conduct flights as safely as possible, as well as do continuous risk assessments. During his studies of Human factors & System safety they focused on high risk industries, the new view of human factors & system safety, the sociology of safety and accidents, accountability and forensic safety investigation & system change...

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Ralf Molander is a part of your organization – an export representative for your company´s current or coming business countries and public relations person in international markets.

Ralf Molander offers visibility, recognizability and more sales for Finnish export companies, which operate in South-America (countries for Rally-Dakar) as well as North-Africa, Middle-East and Europe (countries for World Championship series). In addition your company´s message will reach the companies (in Cross Coutry Rallies countries), which could operate with you.

Ralf Molander offers speedy, eventful, brave and challenging environment, where know-how, expertise, resilience, sustainability and problem solving are demanded.

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Time period: 2014-2015

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Time period: 2014-2015

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Time period: 2014-2015

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