New bike, new plans…

Spring has gone by incredibly fast and I´ve mostly been working with aviation and human factors/system safety related stuff.

However, I have acquired a new bike and the future is forming, slowly but unsurely. After considering my situation, I decided to buy a Husqvarna FE 350, which is good for enduro training and is fully capable to do rallies, with some instrumentation. I had to compromise, and I decided to change to a Husqvarna, since it is equipped with a so called linkage suspension, which according to my empirical studies and experience is better suited for high speed rallies.

The bike, that I aquired from the ever so customer oriented RacePros, was immediately put to the test, in the Acerbis Cross Country. The competition was on one of my favourite tracks in Järilä, where I´ve done a lot of training, but as I had had only about 40 min on the bike, I decided to take it as purely an training event, not to end up braking anything and just enjoy the sandy terrain.

I also did the SE-Team CC in Sipoo, and I had almost no practice in between, so I opted to take it easy. I started with my Dakar goggles with a chrome lens, but it fogged up, since the foam is rigid and it dosen´t breath at all at slow speeds. So I went for a pitstop to change to a pair that had regular foam and struggled on for the remaining 1,5 hours.

I have thought about my future concerning riding, and I will do some local events and try to gather a budget to do a couple rallies next year. Thoughts about returning to South America has also been swirling in my head, and there is already some work being done in order to get me back to the starting stage of Dakar!

But for now I will enjoy summer and I will race at least the Moto Rock Fest-Enduro Sprint ( ), wich takes place the 4th of July in Pori. Hope to see you there!