Motorockfest and International Six Nights Enduro

About a week ago I raced in a national event, the MotoRockFest Enduro Sprint and I got a new fuel injection mapping for the bike from RacePros and MP-Racing helped with a Öhlins steering damper, which was installed just before the race. The race day was sunny and warm and I had a serious fanclub, consisting of family and friends with their kids, in front of the Acerbis-team tent I had my bike in. I concentrated on having a good riding tecnique through the race, and I felt the race went really well and only a few minor mistakes. However, looking at the result I concluded that the riding went well but slow, since my result was awfull.

After the race I drove to Finnish Lapland for the International Six Nights Enduro, where I acted as a guide for the customers of MotoJysky, who organized the event. The steering damper made the riding easier in the stony paths that went up and down the fells, I felt that the riding improved during the week and the bike also felt better all the time. The swamps felt a lot better with the smaller bike, when the navtower wasn´t obstructing the view and hitting the trees.

A new homepage is in the making and will hopefully be displayed soon and plans for next year are taking shape, some exciting adventures ahead!

Photo by JNA Kuvat