Rälli Inglis version

Some time has past since my last post and I´ve been chilling and regrouping, but now I´m back!

Now I´m aiming to participate in the Dakar 2018 race and preparations are in motion! I also have a new logo, the desert fox! The cool fox was created by my good friend, designer/freediver Johanna Nordblad, who kindly helped me renewing my logo!

During the summer I have been mainly working but I have managed to do some riding as well and recently I took part in the Road Book Challenge in Jyväskylä, where we got to ride in the awesome WRC-surroundings. I took 3rd place in the competition, despite having a no stress approach.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for the Serres Rally, which is a FIM-rally and it takes place during 28th of August to the 3rd of September. Follow me on serresrally.com and my FB page Ralf Molander-Cross Country Rally Rider and ralf.dakar on instagram!