Dakar and 2018

We´ve now entered 2018 and I know it´s been a really long time since I last wrote a post. This is simply because I simply felt there was not much to write about…

Despite my effort I was unable to reach the starting line of the 2018 Dakar, which naturally is a disappointment, but I simply could not get the funding for it.

I have however acted as a enduro guide and did some riding, did even two national races, Vierumäki Grand National and a enduro sprint in Räyskälä.

VGN, which is a 3 hour cross country race went better that expected and managed to finish 37/50 in class and 165 in total, when 572 competitors finished the race.

The enduro sprint was not as successful, I had a crash on my second lap and wasn´t able to get a good rythm after that. I did manage to finish, but my ranking was among the worst.

I did manage to get funding for the Serres Cross Country Rally, and despite some problems during the week, I managed to get a podium finish in my class.

The beginning of 2018 will be a hectic time for me, as I will closely follow the Dakar race and do some basic maintenance on my bike and finalise my plans for 2018, which i will disclose later. I will continue to do my physical preparations, I started BJJ last autumn, which works well for coordination and mobility. Naturally my training will continue to support my riding, so a lot of endurance training is to be done.

I was asked to do a pre-race blog for Moottoriurheilu.tv, please check it out (you can use the translator of your liking 😉 and check out my daily posts about Dakar on FB!

I want to thank all my sponsor, who have stood beside me, despite the difficult year and all of you guys who have the energy and interest to follow me and read these ramblings!

Have a good one and talk to you soon!