Challenges and summer plans

Spring has really flown by and I mainly have concentrated on rehabilitating my shoulder injury I received in December. I´ve tried to keep my basic conditioning however, and I started riding again after a pause of over five months. I´ve been riding as a guide for Lopen Enduro, where there are nice trails and you meet new people. I also spent a weekend training navigation on roadbooks I designed myself, so several aspects have been present in training.

Unfortenately it has become apparent that I will not likely participate in the 2019 Dakar, because of economic issues and I have shifted focus on the 2020 race. The2020 race is in a little over a year, so still much to do.

That means that my main race will be the Serres FIM International Cross Countries Rally, where there will most likely be four Finns on the starting line.

I´m also acting as guide for the International Six Nights Enduro by MotoJysky, the 9-15th of July in Finnish Lapland, where you can experience amazing routes with incredible views under the midnight sun, you can still register here

There is a possibility I will also be trying out something completely new related to Cross Country Rallying in November….